What Is TON-20?

TON-20 is the TON inscription token protocol, which is responsible for standardizing the inscription token protocol. Anyone can deploy his tokens, mint tokens, and trade tokens on TON-20.​

What is NANO?

NANO is the first token in the TON-20 ecosystem.


The TON-20 protocol has developed a set of convenient and fast indexes based on TON and a standard for saving gas fees.

Each event will use hexadecimal to permanently store information in the text comment, and each data will be stored on the chain to complete the information that cannot be tampered with.

On the content, we use JSON, which is consistent with brc20, but we need to add a prefix to match the type, so the content of the token inscription needs to be prefixed.


Followed by JSON, their events are: Deploy\Mint\Transfer

Value in ton-20 protocol is in nano unit with 9 decimals, like wei in Ethereum

Here is a simple example:



data:application/json,{"p": "ton-20","op": "transfer","tick": "nano","to":"UQAQwQc4N7k_2q1ZQoTOi47_e5zyVCdEDrL8aCdi4UcTZbo9","amt":"100000000000"}

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